Compasso LED Table Lamp

Compasso LED Table Lamp

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Perfect for writing and reading, The Compasso Light is a dexterous design that is foldable, adjustable and dimmable, allowing users to create their own light. A sliding track is designed on the lamp arm and link to the soft silicone rubber hoop directly. Thus, users can adjust lighting angles by simply moving the lamp arm forward and backward, or adjust the head up and down freely. Ones can also adjust the brightness by touch dimmer designed on the lamp head or rotate the lamp 360 degrees by the swivel base.

Adopted with LED light guide technology, the Compasso Light distributes the light evenly, consumes low power yet provides sufficient brightness for reading. The design combined with rubber, aluminum and zinc alloy, and further creates an exquisite task lamp that shows both simplicity and noblesse.

MaterialSilicone rubber, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy
LED ColorWarm white
Power Input

AC: 100-240V/50-60Hz
DC: 12V, 1.5A

SwitchTouch dimmer switch
Net Weight4.3 kg
Power Consumption12W(max.)
Illuminance40cm, 1500lux
30cm, 2700lux