BenQ WiT Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – Sunset Red

BenQ WiT Genie e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – Sunset Red

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WiT Genie LED Lamp Interstellar Blue BenQ Online Store France

WiT Genie features Smile Curve Tech to provide the comfortable lighting

WiT Genie


Smile Widely, Light up Widely

WiT Genie’s Smile Curve Technology offers a 90cm light range, 150% wider over traditional lamps to create an expansive illuminated area, while also achieving the illuminance of 1800 lux. So you can say goodbye to eye-strain and glare.

Wider Is Definitely Better

WiT Genie’s wider range will give complete illumination to your desk. The range is wide enough to light up a full-spread newspaper making it perfect for today’s multi-tasking and multi-screen world. Imagine every corner of your desk being lit up with an evenly-distributed and comfortable illumination. Even at the edge of the illuminated area WiT Genie can achieve 500 lux.

WiT Genie

Stable, Even and Flicker-free

As other desk lamps’ unstable lighting could harm your eyes, BenQ WiT Genie aims to provide a constant and flicker-free illumination. The oscilloscope testing shows WiT Genie with flicker-free LED driver IC, has a stable electronic output to provide stable comfortable light (below). Other LED lamps with non-continuous electronic output do not provide flicker-free light (above).

BenQ feature

Remembers What You Like

WiT Genie also has a smart built-in memory feature; it can save the last light setting used so you don’t need to adjust the setting every time you turn on the WiT Genie.

WiT Genie

Touch the metal ring to turn on/off the WiT Genie

WiT Genie


The Ultimate Solution to Your e-Reading

In the era of e-Reading, your eyes are under the threat of glare and distracting reflections. BenQ WiT Genie’s intelligent e-Reading mode is here to help. By activating this mode, WiT Genie provides the most suitable lighting to balance the ambient illumination giving you the most comfortable screen reading experience.

Welcome to the e-Reading World

We have been welcoming the second era of reading, where reading across various screens has become the dominant medium through which people read. While reading on screens brings convenience and entertainment, the needs for appropriate lighting for screen reading have never really been met.

But Screen Reading Also Causes Problems

Contrast glare and reflection glare are two types of digital screen glare. Contrast glare happens when you use a screen in a dark environment, the contrast of a dark background and a bright screen causes glare. And reflection glare results from specular reflection of high brightness on polished screen surfaces.

WiT Genie

WiT Genie is Made to Solve Glare Problems

Contrast glare and reflection glare caused by unadjusted lighting creating discomfort for the reader’s eyes, WiT Genie’s intelligent e-Reading mode is specially designed to reduce glare when you’re reading on screens.

One Touch for Intelligent e-Reading Mode

To activate the intelligent e-Reading mode, simply touch the control ring for about 2 seconds and then the LED light will adjust to the environment providing the perfectly adjusted lighting for your screen reading needs.

WiT Genie

Touch the ring for 2 seconds to activate the e-Reading mode for your screen reading

Patented e-Reading Mode Reduces Glare with Intelligent Lighting

With just one touch on the control ring to activate the e-Reading mode, the built-in ambient sensor detects the present illumination in the reading environment and adjusts accordingly. This intelligent lighting is specially designed to compensate and balance for light coming from the centre of the illuminated area, such as your computer screen or laptop, thus our “brighter at the sides, darker in the middle” design. This creates a completely even lighting spread, providing you with boosts in visibility and efficiency while reducing different types of glare and eye-strain.

WiT Genie


One WiT Genie, Two Colour Tones

WiT Genie has a wide colour temperature spectrum ranging from 2700K-5700K, so you can choose the best colour tone to meet your reading needs.

Colour Temperature Boost Your Mood in Life

Colour temperature is a characteristic of visible light; the temperature of light is measured in Kelvins and it is often described as a “mood” setter by interior designers. A lower temperature will give the illuminated area a more relaxed orange glow, while higher temperatures provide a brighter, crisp and stimulating lighting environment.

WiT Genie

Press and Rotate to Create Tailor-made Light

With one click of the tactile dial, you can switch between the two temperature ranges (Cool and Warm Colour); with one more click you can begin to adjust the intensity of the light temperature within that range.

WiT Genie

Click here to view how the W, I and T actually work and how they can provide the best lighting for you.


One Light, Two Designs to Suit Your Reading Space

WiT Genie

WiT Genie

Highly Flexible: Take the Right Light to Where You Need It

WiT Genie has a ball-joint to optimise the flexibility of the lamp cap and the highly durable torque springs and precise friction control can counter-balance the weight. So you can easily adjust the LED light to the angles that you need.

WiT Genie Height to the desk surface: 35 cm~50 cm

WiT Genie

Aesthetics Outside, Technology Inside

A. Flicker-free LED driver IC offers constant and even lighting

B. Ambient light sensor detects environment illumination

C. Curved light guide module to widen the illumination area

D. Adjustable dual colour LED for warm or cool colour temperature. The LED passing the IEC/EN 62471 Photo-biological safety does not harm your eyes.

WiT Genie


Green up Your Lighting

While chasing the best lighting solution for the modern world, going green has always been in the creators’ minds.

WiT Genie

Certificated by International Safety Standards

All BenQ WiT Genie materials meet the restrictions in the EU Directive, RoHS (2002/95/EC). The WiT Genie has passed international safety standards certification to ensure your safety.

WiT Genie

WiT Genie

WiT Genie

Light source‎Dual color LED‎
Color Rendering Index‎> 80‎
Illuminance‎Center Illuminance 1800lux (Lit 40cm from a surface)‎
Luminous Flux‎2,700K: 800lm
5,700K: 900lm‎
Color Temperature‎2,700K ~ 5,700K‎
Power Input‎100V ~ 240V AC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz‎
Power Consumption‎18W (Max.)‎
Materials‎Aluminum alloy, Engineering resin‎
Dimension‎25cm x 25cm x 56cm‎
Net Weight‎2.4kg ‎
Gross Weight‎3.4kg‎