Universal Ceiling Mount G4

Universal Ceiling Mount G4

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BenQ's Universal Ceiling Mount

BenQ's universal ceiling mount is designed to fit any BenQ projector above 20kg*. This device provides an easy and quick solution to mount projectors and offer you the most flexible viewing support for just about any setting!
It can be used for all BenQ P-series projector (PU9730 / PW9620 / PX9710 / PX9600 / PU9530 / PW9520 / PX9510 / PW9500 / PU9220+ / PX9210)

P/N: 5J.JCY10.001

Ceiling Mount / CM00G4 (5J.JCY10.001) 
MaterialSteel / Aluminum Alloy
Weight2.74kg (6.04lbs)
Length98mm, 372.8mm ~ 547.8mm (in unit of 25mm)
Rotation Angle360°
Tilt Angle+-20°
Load30kg (66lbs)
Screw TypeM4,M6


Size 1. Length can be adjusted; the shortest length is 98mm~547.8m (in unit of 25mm).
Angle Adjustment 1. Angles can be adjusted by +/- 20degress
2. The nut is designed to adjust slackness of projector angle