Coral Reef LED Table Lamp (Silver)

Coral Reef LED Table Lamp (Silver)

749.00 € incl. VAT

Product Information

The Coral Reef Light, an LED table lamp, features an adjustable lighting platform, and is activated by a touch dimmer on the stand. Users can turn it on or change the lighting angle by simply tapping on the stand and play with the lighting platform.

Thanks to LED’s small size and low temperature that makes it possible to maneuver the lamp, the interactive design, surpassing traditional lamp’s limitation, allows user to create their own desired lighting effect and ambience.

Premium touch, sleek look

The Coral Reef Table Light, featuring adjustable lighting platform and touch stand finished by Zinc, delivers a subtle premium touch and sleek look.


Adjustable lighting platform and touch dimmer

You can adjust the angles and brightness at will.


- Adjust the lighting platform: vertical angle between +20 to -20 degree, and horizontal 120 degree angle.
- Touch the stand to adjust brightness (100%, 60%, 30%, and 10%) that consumes 24W (max.) of electricity.

Award-winning: 2012 red dot
The Coral Reef Table, featuring adjustable lighting platformand a touch dimmer stand, is honored with design prize.

One Year Warranty

Zinc alloy die casting,
LED ColorWarm white
Power inputAC input: 100~240V AC/50~60Hz
DC input: 12V, 2A
SwitchTouch dimmer
Power ConsumptionMax. 24W
Net Weight6.8 kg