Flamenca LED Table Lamp (Transparent)

Flamenca LED Table Lamp (Transparent)

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QisDesign Flamenca LED Table Lamp (Transparent) Overview

Equipped with different color effects

Inspired by the breathtaking movement of Flamenco dancer’s ruffled skirt twirling around in the air, the Flamenca, is an ambient light which captures the playfulness of this true essence.


With a gentle touch on the metallic-like plate, the dimming function gives different levels of breathing luminosity. Users can easily switch on the “dancing mode” to create a soft flowing effect. Further, when pressing and holding on longer of the top plate, users can feel various dimming illuminations and hold to turn off the light. Granted LED’s low-temperature characteristic, users can enjoy the interactive fun without any hazardous concern.


The design is an exciting combination of bicolor acrylics and curvy shape that achieves dreamy and bewitching lighting effect. Designed for three fabulous colors, Flamenca is suitable for decorating in multiple lifestyle scenes, including the dining room, bedroom or any other preferable personal space.


One Year Warranty

Color Transparent
Power inputAC input: 100-240V AC/50-60Hz
DC: 5V, 1A , Battery: AAx3
SwitchTouch dimmer switch
Net Weight0.36 kg
Power Consumption3W(max.)